Brief background

Per G Hanson, born 1953, is a "modern colorist" from Gothenburg. Grow up with Valand's art school as a neighbor, where many studies in sketching were felled. For a long time, he has practiced many different courses and studies in drawing, painting watercolor, oil and acrylic on Valand's art school, Gerlesborg and others. Artistic education architect SIR / MSA

During the years 1996-2019, Pers's base for the painting has been in his large studio at Sockerbruket, Röda Sten, Gothenburg. From January 2019 he working in Studio Salth, Sollidenvägen 9 in Hunnebostrand, in the area of the granitecoast


 Own thoughts

"I am an experienced observer and easy to memorize in pictures. This gives me a great advantage when I create my painting. Nature is a big part of my soul, especially the sea and coast, my second home, I stay there all year in all conceivable conditions regardless of weather and season, my painting is inspired by nature and shows itself in various shapes from figuratively abstract to completely abstract, the light and the colors should give the viewer an experience with positive energy and surprises over time ... "


Solo exhibitions

Solhem Gallery, Rabbalshede Tanum - 2020

Galleri Studio Salth, Hunnebostrand - 2019  6 x wednesdays 14-18

Galleri Studio Salth, Hunnebostrand - 2018

Galleri Vann Spa Hotel, Brastad - 2018

Galleri Studio SALTH, Hunnebostrand - 2017

Gallery RIVAA, Roosevelt Island, New York - 2016

Galleri Artisten, Fjällbacka - 2016

Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2016

Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2013

Björholmens Konsthalll, Tjörn - 2013

Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2011

Björholmens Konsthall, Tjörn - 2011

Rökeriet, Strömstad - 2011

Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2009

Galleri Media SVT, Göteborg - 2008

Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2007

Länsstyrelsens Konstsalong, Göteborg - 2006 

Galleri Skansen, Göteborg - 2005

Galleri Trappan, Göteborg - 2004


Group exhibitions

Sommarsalong, Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2018

Julsalong, Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2015

Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2015

Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping - 2015

Vårsalongen, Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2014

Axesshuset, Haga, Göteborg - 2014

Vårsalongen, Galleri Backlund, Göteborg - 2010

Gallery 101, Malmö - 2009-10

Art Fair, Göteborg - 2008

Gallery Backlund, Göteborg - 2007


Assignments & decorations

Alpha IT, Göteborg

Axess Akuten, Göteborg

Folkets Hus, Göteborg

Axess Spesialistklinikk, Oslo

Capio Radiologi, Göteborg

Lundby Sjukhus, Göteborg

Sophiahemmet, Göteborg

Donator, Askim

Läkargruppen, Örebro

Spenshult, Oskarström

Art Clinic, Göteborg

Infranordic, Göteborg

Landsarkivet Aleris, Klippan Kulturfastigheter, Göteborg

Aleris, Malmö Arena, Hyllie

Annedalskliniken, Göteborg

GHP Ortho Center Stockholm2019 - new paintings

Art Associations


Studio Gothenburg



2019 project "the sea meeting free humans"

Art project for Länsförsäkringar Incurance Company in collaboration with Professor Arne Isacsson. Documented.

Paintings for Anna Odell's new movie "X & Y". Premiere November 23, 2019.




Grants for painting in Grez-sur-Loing, France

Workshop Gerlesborg Artschool, Musselina, Watercolor Museum, Granite Coast Area etc.


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